Algebra 2 is a course that extends the topics covered in Algebra 1 through the concepts of quadratic, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, rational, radical and trigonometric functions. Students will obtain a strong background in these topics and will be prepared with the algebra skills needed in Pre-Calculus and most science courses.

This course is organized around rich, meaningful daily problems and investigations that lead to deep conceptual understanding of the underlying mathematics in a very deliberate and purposeful structure. Daily work consists of inquiry as opposed to teacher transmission of procedure that is followed by routine practice and memorization. The emphasis of the course is on reasoning, critical analysis, mathematical modeling, and gathering evidence; students are active participants in their learning.

Students are encouraged to investigate concepts and consider problem-solving strategies by sharing information, opinions, and expertise in collaborative study teams. They provide clarification, analyze, criticize, and most of all, build on each others’ ideas, by collaborating. By working in teams, students have access to higher-level, more sophisticated, mathematically rich problems.