Welcome back everyone!  If you are on this page it means that you will be assisting a staff member this year as a work-study student.  As you are all aware, work-study is a graded course that, while not requiring homework and assessments, does have some clear criteria upon which you will be evaluated.  It is important going in that you accept that these criteria are subjective and up to the supervising teacher to determine your performance.  This means that in order to be successful in work-study, you will need to establish and maintain a positive and professional relationship with a teacher that bears little resemblance to the traditional teacher-student relationship you are accustomed to in traditional classes.  This Moodle page will include a copy of the scoring form that your work-study supervisor will be submitting 4 times each year.  Please take some time to look at it so that you know the basic expectations for the program.  Additionally, I will be updating this Moodle page one or two times each month with stories and information that may be useful in developing your skills beyond your academic training.