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As you know, today is the day PowerSchool opens for 2017-2018 course registration.  In addition to what was shared at the meeting here are a the answers to a few FAQ’s regarding the scheduling process:

What if I didn’t make it to my class meeting last week?
·   You may not register unless you have received the white form from the counseling office.  If you missed your class meeting time, there is a schedule make-up meeting in Conference Room #1 on Wednesday, March 22 during Office Hours.

When can I schedule for 2017?  How long will PowerSchool be open?
·   PowerSchool will be open at 3:00pm today and will close on April 3.  You may look at, alter, make changes to your course selections until that time.  Keep in mind course registration is NOT done based on when you enter your selections (ie.  NOT first come, first served).  Therefore, there is no rush/race to select your courses.
What are “alternates”?

·   You must schedule 8 courses and 3 alternates.  The alternates you select should be classes that you want to take and you have the signatures to take.

What about Monday afternoon classes?  (Ladies Choir/Orchestra)
·   You should sign up for Ladies Choir if you are planning to take it.
·   We will add Orchestra to your schedule following auditions

What about Publications classes (Yearbook/Newspaper) since interviews are not until after Spring Vacation?
·   Register for the class that you would like to take.  Be sure to provide viable alternate classes in case you are not selected for the class.  Please do NOT sign up for both Newspaper AND Yearbook.

What if I have questions about the scheduling process?
·   Make an appointment to see your counselor BEFORE April 3.

What if I have questions about the way PowerSchool is working?
·   Please see/email Dr. Gerhard or Dr. Valerio

Remember, choosing courses is a thoughtful experience.  BUT, don’t overthink it.  The most important thing is to contemplate how you can have a great experience in HS along with a balanced lifestyle.   See any adult in the school for more tips on how to make this happen.

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